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Consultant in e-Reputation, Personal branding, Nation branding and Business intelligence.

The Strategist
Beaugas Orain DJOYUM

Passionate about business intelligence, e-reputation and digital marketing, Beaugas Orain DJOYUM has established itself over the years as a specialized consultant in personal branding, e-reputation and digital communication strategies not only in Cameroon but also in many African countries where he supports several individuals, personalities, administrations and companies.

He is the CEO of ICT Media STRATEGIES (, a firm of Personal branding, e-Reputation, in business intelligence in the ICT, Telecoms and Digital sectors.  Beaugas Orain DJOYUM has been following since 2008 telecoms, ICT and digital news in Africa and especially in Cameroon.

He shares with decision-makers watch notes in the ICT, Telecoms and digital sector. Through the training and studies conducted by the ICT Media STRATEGIES firm he leads, in association with several experts, he does not hesitate to share his knowledge with companies, decision-makers and individuals.

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Business Intelligence

Strategic information is today an essential raw material for any business, administration, organization and for visionary decision-makers. Having the right strategic information at the right time in order to make decisions leading to growth and development becomes essential.

Public Relations & Press Relations

The ICT MEdia STRATEGIES firm, headed by Beaugas, provides you with a first-class public relations and press relations service that faithfully meets your needs and objectives.


Provision of specialized media content

Press articles, specialized content, articles from corporate magazines, updating of institutional or private websites, etc., our journalists and experts offer you specialized content

e-Reputation & Personal branding

Build your image and make people talk about you in an intelligible way. Not only in traditional media but also on the web and on social media. Boost your image and visibility. Let’s Build your e-Reputation Together!

Training, Reports and Research

To improve the skills of your staff, ICT Media provides its teams of experts and specialized consultants to share their experiences and knowledge with you. Several dedicated training courses are available.

Edition of magazines, reports and web edition

Reports, survey results, brochures, various presentations, company newspapers or magazines, beautiful books, websites, newsletters, etc., our experts and graphic designers offer you an attractive layout of your various media and documents.

Some work carried out with the support of various competences

Projects & Initiatives



  • Business Intelligence firm…
  • e-Reputation and Personal branding
  • Training and Reports
  • Provision of media content
  • Press relations and PR

Digital Business Africa 

  • Strategic information on ICT, telecoms and digital in Africa
  • Daily newsletters for decision-makers
  • Promotion of digital solutions

Smart Click Africa

  • Association of Africans committed to a safe, a healthy Internet and to better use of the web, social media and digital solutions
  • Training and sensitization
  • “10 Million Smart Citizens” Program


  • Informations and FactChecking on Covid19 in Cameroon
  • Awareness of the barrier measures to be taken against the 2019 Coronavirus
  • Publication and sharing of awareness messages in local languages
Top NEWS, Top STRATEGIES, Diagnos’TIC & News
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« You too are a brand. Whether you know it or not. Whether you like it or not. »

Marc Ecko

« Nothing predisposes more to conformism than lack of training »

Gustave Thibon

Business intelligence is defined as a value-added process of collecting, transmitting, analyzing and disseminating publicly available information, obtained ethically and legally to produce knowledge for action, the latter enabling the reduction of uncertainty and support for better decision making for informed action. 

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