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Provision of specialized media content

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Focus on growing your business. For your media content, press articles, videos and photos, Beaugas Orain DJOYUM and ICT Media STRATEGIES offers you solutions and adapted content.

Content provision with Beaugas Orain
Provision of specialized media content

Concentrate elsewhere, we write and film for you!

On a daily, weekly or monthly basis, Beaugas, journalists and experts offer you specialized media content on the key sectors that interest you in Africa.

Press articles, specialized content, corporate magazine articles, updating of institutional or private websites, etc., our journalists and experts offer you specialized content through daily, weekly or monthly news feeds on key sectors that interest you in Africa, in the Cémac zone, in your country or in Cameroon where we are based.


Videos and mini-documentaries

Immortalize your activities, events and lives on video. Entrust ICT Media with the production of your corporate videos and mini-documentaries.


Specialized magazines, newspapers and news websites

Entrust the design and writing of the content of your media supports and information websites to experienced professionals… Beaugas is in control! 


ICT, Telecoms and Digital in Africa

The best editorial content in ICT, Telecoms and digital in Africa


Professional Facebook Live and YouTube Live

You want to give visibility to your events by broadcasting them live to a large audience on Facebook and Twitter, ICT Media Strategies has the right equipment for multi-screen quality live.


Specialized contents in Economics and Finance

Specialized journalists at your disposal…


Press Articles

The quality of your content will set you apart from the others and make your media the best in its field. Beaugas and ICT Media will help you.