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Beaugas Orain


Consultant in e-Reputation, Personal branding, Nation branding and strategic intelligence. On this page, some information about me.

In search of strategic information 

For decision-makers eager for results, interested in understanding their environment and the competitive environment in which they operate, I have developed over the years capabilities and tools to better understand the needs of decision-makers in terms of strategic information. I produce monthly or weekly business intelligence notes with alerts when needed. Notes that help to create value and boost the performance of the decision-makers you are and also help in the decision making process. 

I am also available, through specialized training, to reinforce your capacities and those of your collaborators, not only in business intelligence but also in the domains of e-Reputation, Personal Branding, Content strategy and digital marketing. This in collaboration with specialized experts of  ICT Media STRATEGIES.



Decryption and analysis of strategies put in place by economic and political players.


                      The Strategist 


Business intelligence specialist and consultant in e-reputation, personal branding, Nation branding and digital communication, since 10 years, I put my experience at the service of individuals, companies and organizations who are looking for good results and success.

We offer our services in Cameroon, but also in many African countries and around the world. For their strategic information needs, for their content strategies, for their training needs in e-reputation, digital communication and digital marketing, for their Nation branding and personal Branding project, many countries and individuals have called upon to our expertise and experience. This is how we have had the opportunity to offer my services to States, companies, organizations and individuals of Gabon, Congo Brazza, Equatorial Guinea, Benin, Togo, Senegal, from Burkina Faso and of course from Cameroon.

For many other African countries, I have had a good opportunity and pleasure to work in collaboration with many consultants and experts.

Sharing my experience

In order to share our experience and put our expertise at the service of many people in search of competence, while associating other skills and expertise that have accompanied me for several years, we have set up in Cameroon the ICT Media Strategies firm whose activities are articulated around six areas: business intelligence, e-reputation and personal branding, training, publishing of magazines, newspapers and web publishing, the supply of media content and finally Public Relations and Press relations. In collaboration and in symbiosis with our permanent consultants, our internal experts and guests, we make sure that your needs are met and that you achieve your objectives.

We are indeed convinced that our success will depend on your success, hence our motto, “Your Progress, Our Success”. And for that, we listen carefully to your needs. In perfect symbiosis with you, we clarify your needs and objectives and then define the best strategies to achieve the expected results. Once you validate the proposed strategies, we carry out or support you in their efficient implementation, in the monitoring and in the evaluation of these strategies.

Since we don’t want you to be totally dependent on us, we prioritize training and sharing of our knowledge. This is how after the services offered, over a defined period, we suggest training to strengthen your capacities and/or those of your collaborators. Just as we remain open and ready to offer tailor-made training to those who have not yet been our clients.

Smart Click Africa

Convinced that Africa will be transformed thanks to digital technology and given the lack of skills and knowledge about the multiple opportunities offered by digital solutions, Internet and social media, we set up an association in 2018: Smart Click Africa. This association has launched in April 2020 its “10 Million Smart Citizens” program to train Africans in better use of the Internet, social media and digital solutions.

In addition, since 2011, we have launched Digital Business Africa (initially called TIC Mag), the specialized web platform for strategic information on ICT, Telecoms and Digital. Take a tour! It is the best francophone web platform for strategic information on digital, ICT and telecoms in Africa. Take a tour! 

Our experiences in defining and implementing the content strategies of Ecofin Agency as well as the websites and magazines Investir au Cameroon and Business in Cameroon are just as enriching, interesting and can help you. 

We have also participated in many conferences on these subjects and are always ready to share our experiences and skills.

Projects & Initiatives



  • Business Intelligence Firm…
  • e-Reputation and Personal branding
  • Training, Surveys and Studies
  • Provision of media content
  • Press relations and PR

Digital Business Africa 

  • Strategic information on ICT, telecoms and digital in Africa
  • Daily newsletters for decision-makers
  • Promotion of digital solutions

Smart Click Africa

  • Association of Africans committed to a safe, to healthy Internet and to better use of the web, social media and digital solutions
  • Training and awareness
  • 10 Million Smart Citizens Program


  • Information and FactChecking on Covid19 in Cameroon
  • Awareness of the barrier measures to be taken against the 2019 Coronavirus
  • Publication and sharing of awareness messages in local languages

Bénin Révélé Magazine

  • Public Management…
  • Economy
  • Health
  • Interviews
  • ICT and Innovation


  • Public Management…
  • Telecom regulation
  • Infrastructures
  • ICT and Innovation
  • Portraits

Our valeurs

For your services and for your satisfaction.

Active listening

The King is you! We listen carefully to your needs. In perfect symbiosis with you, we clarify your needs and objectives and define the best strategies to achieve the expected results.

Respect des délais

We want to respect the deadlines set by mutual agreement. Because we make a point of honour on your satisfaction.


Because we are convinced that the real reward for a work well done is the opportunity to do more, we put all our energy and all our resources to offer you the best. For you, we aim for excellence!

I make these words of Jonas Salk my own, because it is important to always aim for excellence in everything we do! 

The reward for work well done is the opportunity to do more.”

A video at ICT Media STRATEGIES in June 2016

For further information…

If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to call or contact me for any clarification, explanation, analysis or service. It will be my pleasure to answer you. Answer guaranteed as soon as possible. 

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