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Edition of magazines, reports and web edition

Your Progress, Our Success!

Beaugas Orain DJOYUM and the ICT Media STRATEGIES firm he manages, associated with renowned experts and specialized consultants, offers you quality media supports using the latest technologies.

Edition to Beaugas Orain
Edition of newspapers, magazines, reports and web edition

Attractive media supports!

Study reports, survey results, activity reports, booklets, various presentations, company newspapers or magazines, beautiful books, websites, newsletters, etc., our experts and graphic designers offer you an attractive layout for your various supports and documents.

Trained in the best journalism and communication institutions in Cameroon, France and elsewhere, but also trained in major media and communication agencies, our experts, journalists, graphic designers and editorial staff guarantee and transform your documents and publications so that they are pleasing to the eye. We also offer you the best printing choices.


In addition to the conception, graphic design and creation of newspapers and magazines, Beaugas and the experts of ICT Media provide you with complete services for the realization of your website. Including the registration of your domain name in .Africa, .Cm, .Com, .Org, .Sarl, .Pro, etc., as well as the hosting of your website.


Reports and brochures

Study reports, survey results, activity reports, brochures, various presentations, ICT Media STRATEGIES supports you.


Web creation

Your turnkey website!


Proofreading and Editorial

ICT Media STRATEGIES puts at your disposal the services of qualified editorial secretaries for the proofreading of your publications…


Graphic design

Development of graphic charters and layout


Quality printing

Benefit from better print quality with local and foreign printers (Spain, Morocco, China, Lebanon, Cameroon)


Domain name registration

Your domain name in .Africa, .Cm, .Com, .Org, .Sarl, .Pro, etc.

Do not Forget…

“Nothing predisposes conformism more than a lack of training”

Gustave Thibon

“It’s what we think we already know that often prevents us from learning”

Gaston Bachelard