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Public Relations and Press Relations

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Beaugas Orain DJOYUM and the ICT Media STRATEGIES firm he manages, together with renowned experts and specialist consultants, offers you adapted training and studies allowing you to better analyze the environment, the market or the sector in which you operate.

PR with Beaugas Orain
Public Relations and Press Relations

Connect with decision-makers and the media

ICT Media STRATEGIES, headed by Beaugas, provides you with a top-quality public relations and press relations service that faithfully matches your needs and objectives.


PRESS RELATIONS. Get in touch with the media in Cameroon and in Central Africa. Reach out to the best journalists, bloggers thought leaders and geeks in this geographic area.

Get the word out intelligently not only in the traditional media but also on the web and social networks. Boost your image and visibility. 

PUBLIC RELATIONS. In addition, ICT Media STRATEGIES provides foreign investors or businessmen who are interested in Cameroon and Central Africa with tools and resources to accompany them effectively in their activities (Business meetings – Assistance in the development and monitoring of procedures – ).


Business Appointment Booking

Express your needs for meetings and business appointments, you may be surprised!


Press Kit

For the preparation of your communication


Press Review

Beaugas Orain and ICT Media STRATEGIES provide you with an increased media watch on your sector of activity and on the media news of your partners or competitors.


Monitoring of procedures

You are not in Africa, you have files and projects to follow in Cameroonian or African organizations and administrations? Let us know! Let us help!


Press releases

Develop interesting messages and press releases for the specialized and mass media.


Press and media distribution

In partnership with the advertising agency named ICT Media Agency, Beaugas allows you to place your ads and communications in the media and especially on specialized and large-scale web platforms. As well as on social media.

Do not forget…

« Publicity is absolutely critical. A good PR story is infinitely more effective than a front page ad »

Richard Branson

« Some are born great, some achieve greatness, and some hire public relations officers »

Daniel J. Boorstin