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Your Progress, Our Success!

Beaugas Orain DJOYUM and the ICT Media STRATEGIES firm he manages, together with renowned experts and specialist consultants, offers you adapted training and studies allowing you to better analyze the environment, the market or the sector in which you operate.

Training to Beaugas Orain
Training and Reports

Your skills, your strength

To improve the skills of your staff, ICT Media provides its teams of experts and specialized consultants to share their experiences and knowledge with you. Several training courses dedicated to internal and external communication, crisis communication, web-marketing, the use of social networks, E-reputation, publishing and cyber journalism, economic and financial journalism are proposed by our journalists, experts and invited consultants.

For quality work and to satisfy our customers, ICT Media does not hesitate to combine skills from elsewhere. This is why we have collaborations and agreements with partner agencies. These agencies, just like our experts and consultants, are also able to carry out studies or surveys on the economic sectors or products that interest you.


E-reputation and Personal Branding

For a brand image around your personality or your products and services.


Crisis communication

Prepare yourself to better manage crisis situations that may arise in your organization.


Studies and surveys

Do you need a precise study or survey in the economy, ICT, Telecoms and digital sector in Africa? Beaugas Orain, ICT Media STRATEGIES and specialist consultants are at your service


Quality content

How to set up an effective “content strategy” and how to produce interesting and captivating content!


Social media

How to use social media intelligently and what are the specificities of each social network.



How to sell your products and services to target audiences on the web and social networks. The most effective techniques and strategies. 

Do not forget…

“Nothing predisposes conformism more than a lack of training”

Gustave Thibon

“It’s what we think we already know that often prevents us from learning”

Gaston Bachelard